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Body and Soul Alison Poteracke

Body and Soul

Alison Poteracke

Published October 1st 2013
Kindle Edition
280 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

There is that person that changes everything, who makes you realize that you arent alone against the world. Love and music were all Jacob and Aimee needed. The satisfaction of creating and being together made life so real. Can that be all that brings them back together?Music is what fills Aimee, what keeps her from drowning in the life she chose. It speaks for her when words no longer have meaning and makes her world seem more beautiful, safe, and bold. Jacob has found solace in his quiet life, surrounded by the memories of his past. Aimee is caught between loving the man shes loved her whole life and the man she married. Unhappiness drives her away from reality, and she drowns herself in her work, forgetting her obligations to her husband and children. Alison Poteracke portrays the love of a lifetime in Body and Soul.As Aimee struggles with her choices, her husband makes the decision for her. Revelations about their relationship will shake the marriage she once would fight to defend. Will she find the strength in her Body and Soul to be strong for her family and for Jacob? This musical love story reveals the enduring passion of one caught between loves tides and family bonds. Should she sacrifice her happiness to salvage a marriage for her childrens sake? Can she live without her love of a lifetime? Join Aimee as she seeks resolution to her turmoil.