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Einstein For Beginners Joseph Schwartz

Einstein For Beginners

Joseph Schwartz

ISBN : 9780906386033
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 About the Book 

This book is awesome!! Okay discount the gimmicky title - the book was written in 1979, they didnt know any better.As a result of reading this book I am now convinced:1. So much of science can be conveyed clearly with words, pictures, and thought experiments, rather than the typical mired-down explanations that use clunky symbols and equations.2. Illustrated books are better than animations at teaching. You go at your own pace, you peruse at your leisure - its not like Ken Robinson TedEd videos where 1000 visual and auditory stimuli are blaring at you simultaneously, and moving forward incessantly. Your brain has time to mull, and you can actually hear yourself think. (Not to hate on those videos - they are beautiful to behold.)3. Science (chemistry and physics in particular) is so damn hard to understand, but if you sit down with a good teacher (this book for example), it can be broken down. Its not some insurmountable wall you have to keep ramming your head against on your own.And heres a tidbit that I loved:Dont get worried. Among physicists theres a saying: You never really understand a new theory. You just get used to it. (151).