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The Poison Rose Matthew Argyle

The Poison Rose

Matthew Argyle

Kindle Edition
299 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

King Arthur is the traditional, iconographic king of fantasy—this is not much different. He is noble, spiritual, and above all, concerned about the condition of his kingdom. Arthur’s kingdom is also nothing too new. There is Camelot, the city of Arthur and his knights. There’s Merlin’s hut. But then there is Poison Rose Mountain, a tall mountain that contains the witch and her magical palace—a witch and mountain that sets the foundation for the conflict of the entire novel. This is new, much like the rest of the story itself.As the story begins King Arthur has ruled Camelot for over a decade, but after the death of his wife Guinevere his noble knights must meet to figure out how to defeat the witch who lives on Poison Rose Mountain. Her beauty is legend, and her challenge given to “Come alone and win my heart” seems to draw Arthur to her land. Arthur leaves Camelot and seeks counsel from his wise friend Merlin who tells him of witches and their great power and advises him that he should confront the witch, but be careful of her magical ability to make any man fall desperately in love with her.Arthur confronts the witch, but confusion ensues. She does not appear as evil as all the knights or even Merlin himself have foretold. In a desperate inner battle between loving a witch and his kingdom, Arthur must decide whether or not he will remain in the witch’s palace and try to bring the witch back to the light or turn against her, causing a war that could be devastating for his kingdom.Will Arthur figure out a way to defeat the witch or will his kingdom come to ruin?